UBM 2000

UBM 2000

Designed specifically for the ISP market, the UBM 2000 bonding appliance integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure, expanding your range of services and giving you the ability to provide bonding solutions to your customers.

ISP's with their own network infrastructure could receive a free UBM 2000, installed and fully supported in your datacentre – Apply and start working with Xrio today!

The UBM 2000 is a high end device designed for corporate environments which require high-end reliability, performance and scalability or the partner who has a need to service multiple customers or sites/offices. The UBM 2000 is designed with the latest intelligent and highly-advanced technology to provide unbeatable quality features and functionality.

The powerful and robust UBM 2000 allows the connection of up to 32 circuits which makes it the ideal solution for delivering thin client and clouding environments or for partners or ISP’s with a need to provide bonding to numerous customers or sites/offices.

This datacentre-based WAN and VPN bonding appliance gives you the ability to deploy WAN and VPN bonding independently of the ISP if necessary, all you need in addition to create bonding is the customer premise device (UBM 200 UBM 400 UBM 1000). The UBM 2000 is fully 21CN ready and capable of bonding ADSL, ADSL MAX, ADSL 2+, SDSL, 3G, WIMAX, ISDN and leased line circuits.

Outbound Load Balancing

  • Weighted Round Robin
  • Least Traffic
  • Session Persistence
  • Policy Based Routing
  • Failover
  • Intelligent Link Healthcheck

Multi Site Connectivity

  • VPN Bonding (Intelligent Packet Splitting)
  • VPN Auto-Failover
  • Tunnel Load Balancing
  • Tunnel Routing

Other Features

  • High Availability
  • DNS Load Balancing
  • Transparent Mode
  • Central Management System
  • Firewall/DDOS Protection
  • ISP Bonding
  • Real-time Bandwidth Monitor
  • Hardware Watchdog
  • Hardware Bypass Function

Detailed Features

  • Dynamic IP on WAN
  • PPPoE on WAN
  • Multi Level Access Control
  • Management on WAN
  • Upload/Download Config
  • Firmware Upgrade from UI
  • Diagnostics (ARP, Conn Table)
  • Port Redirection
  • SNMP/Syslog/Netflow Reporting
  • SMTP Alerting
UBM 2000
The UBM 2000 is perfectly positioned to serve large multi-site businesses or service providers who wishes to service up to 50 bonded remote sites or for enterprises who need to deliver high levels of throughput in and out of their network. When used as a remote site link aggregator, the UBM can be configured to suit the individual needs of each customer/site through the use of our powerful policy routing engine.