About Us

About Xrio

Xrio is a specialist supplier of Internet Acceleration Appliances. Whatever the setup, Xrio products can improve the speed, quality and reliability of Internet or Wide Area Network connectivity.

Xrio is primarily a software company. To ensure optimised performance of the software, Xrio assists with the design, approval and sourcing of hardware solutions for its customer. We can supply our own hardware as Xrio-branded or white-labelled. Some partners prefer to source the hardware themselves and simply the license for our software.

Xrio’s Operating Software (XriOS) incorporates a wide range of features to which have evolved over 10 years to provide so much more than our core competency of BondingLoad Balancing and Failover solutions. Xrio branded CPE hardware is available in two forms, the Cloud Gateway Appliance and the Cloud Optimisation Appliance.

Xrio’s mission is to enable everyone to enjoy Optimum Internet Performance through the broadest range of features at the lowest possible price –all in one, integrated solution.

Xrio was founded in 2003 in Leeds, UK and has offices in Hertfordshire, UK and Canada. Xrio supplies and distributes its solutions through a third-party channel network and has numerous partners in the UK and Worldwide.

What the Xrio solutions can do…

Internet use has grown massively and applications such as Web browsing, E-mail, streaming, applications, file-sharing, remote access and VoIP regularly transit on WAN and VPN networks and are considered mission critical tools by many businesses.

One of the biggest barriers to success of these solutions is Internet connectivity. The need for maximised bandwidth, speed and quality of service has never been stronger and is being accelerated further through the adoption of Cloud-base Services.

XriOS uses a configurable range of features and services to optimise connections without the heavy cost of more traditional solutions. A selection of the key features is as follows:

  • Bonded Internet (Client & Server)
  • Bonded VPN
  • Load Balancing
  • Data Mirroring (VOIP)
  • WAN Optimisation
  • Built in ADSL router
  • Data Compression
  • VBond virtualised software
  • Supports up to an unlimited number of users
  • Easy, transparent installation
  • Pre-installed configuration tools
  • Range of models to suit all budgets & needs
  • Compact desktop and rack mounted models
  • Failover to DSL and / or 3G
  • Next day swap-out on faulty units
  • Hardware available with up to 32 ports
  • Hardwire pass through

In summary, key points to note about Xrio’s UBM include:
  • Can be used with multiple Service Providers
  • No need to replace current equipment
  • Optimised for SMEs – up to 11 lines (4 = best)
  • Fixed and Mobile input
  • Conventional WiFi output